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Please reach out to our local team. You can connect with us via email, Facebook or by telephone. It is that simple. Each team member is driven to make an impact for you and within local areas throughout their assigned region. Connect with us and begin your road to recovery with Project Hero.

Nathan DeWalt

Program Manager

Rodney Hall

Program Manager

Regional Locations

Huntsville, Al
Francisco Villanueva
Ft Benning, Ga
Jarnetta Fowler
Ft. Benning, Ga
Felipe Chuab
Ft Stewart, Ga
Buddy Karolev
Columbus, Ga
Thomas Schwerin, Jr.
Boston, Ma
Joe McLaughlin
Boston, Ma
Jane Isnor
Walter Reed Bethesda, Md
Ray Clark
Asheville, NC
Stacie Litsenberger
Fayetteville, NC 
Andrea Graham
Fayetteville, NC 
Mike Thomas
New Hampshire
Scott Wells
Horsham Air Guard, Pa
Claudia Malone
Lebanon, Pa
Mike Fink
Lebanon, Pa
Kevin Koons
Lebanon, Pa
Tom Romanowski
Pittsburgh, Pa
Michael Ingram 
Puerto Rico
Antonio Jimenez
Charleston, SC 
Brett Green
Charleston, SC 
Stacy Green
Ft Belvoir, Va
Christopher Santos
Ft Belvoir, Va
Glen Mingoa
Arlington, Va
Nicolas Clark
Hampton Roads, Va
Bob Miller
Richmond, Va (VA)
Chris Mund
Richmond, Va (VA)
Marina Libro
Richmond, Va (VA)
Alicia Frazier
Jacksonville, Fl (VA)
Tracy Maxwell
Orlando, Fl (VA)
Dovi Goren
Pinellas, Fl (VA)
Mitch Lee
Pinellas, Fl (VA)
Norma Lang
Tampa Fl (VA)
Tami Pasquel
Tampa Fl (VA)
Karla Malone
Daytona, Fl (VA)
Joseph Teipen
Jacksonville, Fl
Valerie Gambino

Local Programs


Local Events

Project Hero local events include activities of our local Project Hero rehabilitation programs that embody the Five Pillars of Project Hero: rehabilitation, employment, education, family support, community service.  Project Hero Community programs currently offer venues, activities, resources and support to Veterans and First Responders in more than 50 cities throughout the nation.

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