Project Hero Announces Opening of HUB Program for Indiana National Guard

October 31, 2017
Project Hero will collaborate on a new initiative with the Indiana National Guard to open a new Optum HUB Program at the Atterbury National Guard Training Center outside Indianapolis, it was announced today by John Wordin, CEO and founder of Project Hero.
The Hub program will service the more than 425,000 veterans throughout the Hoosier State, and serve as a model for others. Veterans Affairs will provide support services including clinicians to support and augment the effort. The program will support veterans affected by post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and other injuries to achieve rehabilitation, recovery and resilience in their daily lives. As part of the initial activity, the troops will participate in the upcoming  Optum Women's Initiative presented by Pritzker Military Foundation, Nov. 6-10 in Florida, and an upcoming HEROTrak research project.
“I’m excited about the positive impact that Project Hero's Hub at Camp Atterbury will have for past and present service members,” said Maj. Gen. Courtney P. Carr, adjutant general of the Indiana National Guard. “This collaboration is a perfect addition to the Indiana Resilience Campus. The Project Hero program is another facet of our effort to prevent suicide and strengthen our soldiers, airmen, families and alumni.”
“Working in support of local healing heroes with a focus on mental health, suicide prevention, and resilience, our goal is to work with the National Guard to improve the readiness of the force, increase resilience, and promote recovery among all members of the force,” said Wordin.
Research has shown that Project Hero HUB programs produce significant positive results for participants, including:
62% reduction or total elimination in prescription drug use.
75% reduction in PTSD-related stress attacks as measured by HEROTrak.
50% improvement in Health Care Utilization which frees healthcare providers and reduces wait times
Project Hero Hub Communities provide a full spectrum of services by focusing on rehabilitation, education, employment, family support and community service.
“Traditional mental health treatments are not the only way—and not the best way in many cases—to address suicidality, substance use, and other mental health difficulties among our veterans and service members,” said Indiana National Guard Chief Behavioral Sciences Officer Maj. Scott Edwards. “Project Hero provides a platform for supporting our community that is hopeful, strength focused, and stigma reducing. By integrating physical activity with shared experiences and a renewed sense of mission and belonging. This is a welcomed addition to the Indiana Resilience Campus.”
Among other programs, Project Hero created the #NoVetAlone national support network for all who serve as a resource that provides opportunities for peer-to-peer support and mentorship and increases opportunities to connect in local communities, especially in rural areas. The Indiana Hub is expected to open before Christmas.
Project Hero programs provide hope, recovery, and resilience for those that serve our country. For more information, visit

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